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ArchiteXX is a non-profit, independent organization that seeks to transform the discipline of architecture by bridging the academy and practice. As a cross-generational group of academics, practitioners, and students, we believe historical models in the academy perpetuate myths and unsustainable practices that must be completely transformed.

Integral to our mission is a wide array of outreach and educational programming intersecting between the profession and the academy. These programs include regular monthly meetings, reading group discussions, a writing group, mentoring drop-in sessions, a high school program, and Sub_teXXt, our online journal. Our University Hubs Brown Bag Lecture Series collaborates with architecture programs in New York state to create opportunities for more women to present their work at schools of architecture. We are in the process of expanding this nationally.

ArchiteXX programming is both educational and action oriented. We have hosted the Wage Project Salary Negotiation workshop, our first design action “Private Choices Public Spaces” for the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, MS, the state’s last remaining abortion clinic, and we began and now are partners in Wikid: Women. Wikipedia. Design. to write more women designers and architects into Wikipedia