Bay Area Think-In - The Architecture Lobby Event
5:00 PM17:00

Bay Area Think-In - The Architecture Lobby Event

On Friday January 13th, 2017,  The Architecture Lobby is hosting a Think-In at Gensler Oakland. AIASF EQxD's founding chair Rosa Sheng, AIA will be joining the panel discussion.

Gensler Oakland
2101 Webster St #2000
Oakland, CA 94612

This free event is open to the public and will take place from 5-9pm.  A Think-In is a forum for working through difficult and contested ideas in architectural practice.  We are inviting an array of contributors to weigh in: activists, practitioners, leaders of professional organizations, and academics.  The Think-In is free and open to the public, and all interested students, academics, or practitioners are strongly encouraged to join the discussion. Food and drink will also be served.  Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Think-In Discussions and Panelists:

  1. Labor, Fees and Wages in the Contemporary Economy
    Panelists: Maria Danielides; Peggy Deamer, Yale University and The Architecture Lobby; Jason Geller, Fisher & Phillips, LLP
  2. The Pros and Cons of Contemporary Professionalization
    Panelists: Doris Guerrero, Gensler; Janette Kim, ARPA Journal
  3. Architectural Institutions
    Panelists: Margaret Crawford, UC Berkeley; Rosa Sheng, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Equity by Design
  4. Media and the Public Perception of Architecture
    Panelists: Eva Hagberg Fisher, UC Berkeley; Nancy Levinson, Places Journal

All discussions are moderated by Nancy Alexander.

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5:30 PM17:30

Architecture Lobby Panel Discussion

Florence and Leo B. Helzel Boardroom, San Francisco Campus

Free and open to the public
More info: Amanda Sherwin,

Please join us for a panel discussion with Neeraj Bhatia, Peggy Deamer, Dean of Architecture Jonathan Massey, Eric Rogers, and Rosa Sheng to examine both the content and the form of change in the architectural profession.


The Architecture Lobby is an organization of architectural workers that advocates for the value of architecture in the general public and for architectural work within the discipline.

Why is it important to recognize that you-- an architecture student, an emerging architect, a firm owner -- are a worker?

Why should there be an activist organization to make this demand?

Members of the Architecture Lobby will present the organization's work to induce a debate on these controversial questions.

Learn more about CCA's division of Architecture.

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AIA National Convention Philadelphia - Equitable Practice Seminars
to May 21
2016 Equity in Architecture Survey
to Mar 31

2016 Equity in Architecture Survey

The AIA SF Committee - Equity by Design is preparing for the 2016 Equity in Architecture Survey. Similar to the 2014 research study "The Missing 32% Project" this survey will have approximately 80 questions on the professional experiences, backgrounds, and aspirations of approximately 3,000 to 5,000 men and women who have graduated from Architecture schools and in the United States. Parallel survey tracks are to be provided for the following:

  • Individuals who are currently working in an architectural practice
  • Individuals who have worked in an architectural practice in the past, but are currently employed in another profession (either in an aligned AEC field or not)
  • Individuals who have worked in an architectural practice in the past, and who are either currently not employed, taking a career break or leave of absence.

As the largest and most comprehensive study launched nationally to date on this topic, this research project has the potential to impact architectural practice nationwide and establish a legacy data set over subsequent years studies.

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